Elvis Returns to Workers Club


Jamie Agius did it again with¬†his wonderful Elvis Night at the Goulburn Workers Club on the 17th August. The room was a sell out as Jamie provided 5 hours and nearly 85 classic Elvis numbers to the night. Next year has already been booked and we can’t wait.

Goulburn GCOPS Concerts a sellout success for the 10th year

July 29 to August 1 sees the annual Goulburn combined Schools GCOPS concert at the Workers Club. Each night will show a variety of different acts and talent from all the primary and high schools in the Goulburn area. Whitenoise will provide all mics, lighting, sound system and various effects for the event. We will also be showcasing some Clay Paky HPE effect lights as well. As in previous years the event will be a marvellous celebration of the local Goulburn youth. Can’t wait for this one.

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