8 x KV2 Audio ESD12M monitors,

1 x KV2 Audio KX30 drum fill

3 x KV2 Audio VHD LD4 Line drivers (12 channels driven)

24/8 channel Soundcraft monitor desk. 

1 x KV2 Audio ESP4000 dual power amp processor

2 x Australian Monitor KA1500 power amps

2 x Quest 4004 power amps

1 x Sennhesier EW300 Ear Monitoring System

4 x DBX 1231 dual 31 band Equalisers

2 x KV2 JKA, 2 x JK2, JK1 and JKP DI units

5 x Shure Beta 58A

4 x Shure SM 58

3 x Shure SM 57

2 x Sennheiser E906 instrument/guitar mics

4 x Shure QLXD Radio systems

2 x Shure Lapel mic + belt packs to suit

Stands/Leads to suit

Full Jands 2 channels comms system

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